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Songs From Your Faves That Should've Stayed In The Studio...

This is a brief list of songs from your faves that should've never been released, for numerous reasons...and since no one around here likes to read, let's get right to it. First up, Problematic Kween Katy Perry. Now some people try to excuse this by saying ~but at that time, everyone was saying ur so gay, lulz~ Um, no...that's some bullshit. Even if that were true, there's a difference between saying something like this in private and, i don't know, releasing it as a goddamn song to the general public. Just bad decisions all around.

This one needs no explanation, really. The song is gross and basically slut-shaming over a semi-catchy beat. Beyonce wrote it, as she wrote all of Destiny's Child songs. I can't believe they even made a video for it, and it was released as in international single, smdh. Somebody finally got the message can't view the vid in the states, oop.

Sigh...yall know the back story here. Did she really need to write a pretentious ass song about having her speech interrupted at an award show, which she got to make later anyways? Plus perform and officially release it an entire year later, after talking about it in gawd knows how many interviews? Like Taylor, sis. everything. Prime example of sampling gone wrong. This was Pharrell's doing, if you can believe it. And people actually wondered why that album flopped. Her latest single is actually worse tbh, but i wrote this up ages ago and never got around to posting it but at least she's ditched the asian props.

I really couldn't decide between this and Starships, cuz they're both garbage...but in the end Minazi calling women hoes repeatedly and making fun of natural hair textures won out. If anything, Nicki has been consistently disappointing. Praying for her latest album.

Again, another obvious choice. Thank Ed Sheeran for this one, since he wrote it lol. Awful, patronizing lyrics aside, it's just musically boring. 1D always picks the worse singles for some reason, but their stans eat it up either way...welp.

This song is about Ciara and Amber Rose, respectively. Now both Wiz and Future cheated on their significant others, but you would swear it was the other way around from from this bitter ass collaboration. I mean, the fucking audacity...but fuckboys gonna fuckboy, I guess.

This is just terrible, even for Gaga. It's too embarrassing to even listen to...and that's saying a lot considering the rest of Artpop. Gaga is now retired, and performs jazz at local bars in her free time.

Just kidding, this song is everything. Put any Chris Brown collab here tho, cuz i ain't linking to that shit....or Wait Your Turn Negl, I lowkey like Ain't Nobody's Bidness, but in context it's really disturbing.

Honorable mentions:

source: youtube and my words. mods, i added some more info.

this is jmo, of course...but what say you ontd? agree? disagree? have any songs you want to add to the list?
Tags: beyoncé, britney spears, gwen stefani / no doubt, katy perry, lady gaga, list, music / musician (pop), nicki minaj, one direction, ontd original, rihanna

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