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The Knick: Some Golden Globes campaigning + WGA nom!

Clive Owen and co-creators Jack Amiel and Michael Begler interviewed by Gold Derby

On Soderbergh: "He's unlike any director I've ever worked with. He has an unbelievable brain really, to carry the whole thing and to do it with such incisiveness and such style. It was really something to witness. He does everything... he lights, he operates, he edits. It's so refreshing and reassuring having such a singular vision. You're in such, such great hands."

On reading the script for the first time: "I just thought it was the most original and very unusual for a period piece as well... It felt kind of visceral and dangerous and edgy. It was unlike anything I have read."

He also talks about working with Mike Nichols toward the end, which is worth listening to.

On Soderbergh: "Jack and I can see the full spectrum of color, but Steven sees it in the ultraviolet. He can see things that we would never see in the material... [He] is really interested in the other things we cover... race, sex, class struggle. They all hit these things he really loves all in one package."

On all that blood: "The blood is really pumping out of those bodies. When they make that first cut into the body, it's just a gorefest. We were all taken aback at first by how much blood there was. That's what made it so great because it seemed so real and so visceral."

The Knick was nominated for a WGA for Best New Series. yyyaaaassssss

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This is giving me hope for some awards love next week!
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