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Are You The One? Season 2's next perfect match is...

Alex and Jasmine

Other Highlights from this episode:

  • Nathan gets emotional when Christina likes Brandon more than him - calls her a skank for playing with his feelings.

  • Ellie is thirsty for Nathan now.

  • Layton claims Ashley is his perfect match but is STILL sleeping with Jessica. (He is the worst.)

  • Alexandria gets more than 2 seconds of screen time.

  • Dario shows off his douchbaggery by saying he "conquered" Ashley - that didn't fly well with Ashley (you go, girl!).

Someone on Vevmo posted about what supposedly went down at the reunion.  See the full post HERE or read my[Spoiler (click to open)]

This is just an abbreviated version.

  • None of the couples are together.  More details about each couple at the original post.

  • THE JUICY STUFF:  After the show, Brandon and Christina agreed to an open relationship but no hookups with other cast members.  Despite that, Brandon had sex with Alexandria!!!!  Other castmates found out and now Briana, Christina and Jess have resorted to bullying Alexandria on social media while they still remain good friends with Brandon (Shady bitches!). Now, Alexandria is the outcast of the group.  Also, her Twitter and IG are gone.

Sources: MTV, Vevmo, and my Monday night

Ratings have been awful for this season there probably won't be a season 3.
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