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Because THAT will make it credible...

Heather Mills plans to become the face of a domestic violence charity after her divorce from Paul McCartney.

The estranged wife of former Beatle Sir Paul has told friends that she wants "some good" to come from her bitter marriage breakdown - and campaigning against domestic abuse is the answer.

The development comes days after the Mail revealed sensational leaked divorce papers in which she accused Sir Paul of physically attacking her on four occasions during their four-year marriage.

In one confrontation he allegedly stabbed her in the arm with a broken wine glass while in another he allegedly pushed her into the bath, causing her 'shock and distress'.

Miss Mills is understood to have taped evidence that Sir Paul attacked her.

Miss Mills, 38, says she wants to become "a spokeswoman for battered women", by becoming the face of domestic abuse charity Refuge- or Shelter, which helps the homeless, including victims of domestic abuse.

McCartney's aides fear the worst - and are concerned such an arrangement could see Heather talking on televised adverts about her own experiences.

He is also said to be begging Heather to check herself in for psychiatric help because he is worried how her unbalanced state is affecting their young daughter Beatrice.

The former Beatle is desperate for her to get help following the allegations Heather made about him.

However, his wife of four years has refused the offer - and simply told him to leave her alone.

A source close to the warring couple told Grazia magazine: "It’s absolutely true that Paul has been completely shocked and horrified...He has been in the public eye for nearly five decades and these are the very worst things that have ever been said about him."

Meanwhile, Heather’s legal team has itself turned to"reputation management" after the divorce documents were leaked to the press.

Mishcon de Reya, the London based firm handling Ms Mills'divorce, believes the leak could damage its reputation and Ms Mills'case, and has gone into damage limitation mode.

"This past week has been absolute hell for Heather," said a friend. "Since these court papers have come out, she's become a nervous wreck, crying and permanently anxious.

"But in one sense she is relieved because she feels that everything is out in the open and in that sense, the worst is over. She is looking for some good to come out of this situation and wants to be able to turn it into a future project which could actually do some good.

"She basically wants to make the most of a dreadful situation -and is determined to keep up her charity work. The charities she's mentioned are Refuge and perhaps Shelter which deals with women, the victims of domestic abuse, who have been forced out of their homes."

Refuge and Shelter last night hinted they would be keen for someone as high profile as Miss Mills to come on board if it would help spread their message.

It is not known when Miss Mills, whose other charities include Adopt-A-Minefield, Project Darfur, PETA and the Humane Society, will become formally involved with an anti-domestic violence charity organisation.

It is unlikely, however, that she will take on any new projects until her acrimonious divorce from the 64-year-old singer has been finalised.

Miss Mills's former spokeswoman said in May of this year -shortly after the couple split - that she wanted to donate a significant portion of her divorce settlement to charity. News of Heather's newfound charity plans emerged as she was pictured leaving her seafront home yesterday afternoon with personal trainer Ben Amigoni looking 'sullen and withdrawn'.

The former glamour model drove a black Mercedes people carrier with her trainer in the front passenger seat - who was filming photographers waiting outside the luxury Art Deco home in Hove, West Sussex.

Mills was wearing dark sunglasses, a tweed cap hat with a yellow sports jacket and black skin-tight leggings.

An onlooker said: "Heather looked sullen and very withdrawn,with the strain of her bitter divorce clear to see in her face. She looked to be completely preoccupied with her messy split with Macca as she drove off."

The former model's sister Fiona Mills had spent a couple of hours with her inside the seafront apartment, but drove off separately in a VW Beetle car. The couple announced their separation in May and since this time their relationship has steadily deteriorated.

Two months ago McCartney changed all the locks on the pair's former marital home, locking Miss Mills out in the process. He also issued her with a legal letter after she reportedly removed three bottles of detergent from his kitchen and has reportedly frozen their joint bank account.

Miss Mills's publicist said she was unavailable for comment.


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