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Jenny will be on the last season of Parks & Rec

Parks and Recreation viewers are happy because this season's première is coming soon. But they are also sad. They are sad because it's the last season.

But they will sure perk up hearing ICON Jennifer Lopez 's gonna be there with them in the final hour. TV Line's Michael Ausselio said so. Apparently she'll play the not-stereotypical role called "hot Latina nanny", because Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Anna Kendrick) have, like, 3 babies.

Megan Mullaly will also guest star in the final. And some less important people like Rachel Dratch, Jon Don Look At My HamHamm and Natalie Morales, but nothing much is said about what they're gonna do there.

Don't forget the ICON will bless us with the leading role role in "Shades of Blue" cop drama on NCB and that crappy talent show slash free promo that's still a thing.

Don't click the source bc it's FOX
Tags: anna kendrick, jennifer lopez, jon hamm, parks and recreation (nbc)

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