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Jem and the Holograms Comic Announced. OP Notes Best Hologram Missing, Remains Thrilled

 photo jem-holograms_zps6546b9d5.jpg

IDW Comics, a publisher that has a close relationship with Hasbro, has announced a Jem and the Holograms ongoing comic book series to begin in March of 2015! The series will be written by Kelly Thompson (writer of The Girl Who Would Be King) and illustrated by Ross Campbell (an artist who has done some work with TMNT). The covers will be done by Sara Richard (involved with MLP). No word on if the artwork above is a cover drawn by Richard or done by Campbell, but I'm hoping that's not the interior artist, because... that could be painful.

Rather than follow the classic storyline of Jerrica being in charge of Starlight Music, she is now a talented musician suffering from stage fright. Something left behind by her father will help her overcome her fear. One presumes it's Synergy, but who knows.

The initial issue will come with 5 different covers advertised as Rainbow Foil Covers, with one cover devoted to each member of the Holograms (minus Raya!!), and the 5th as a collective group shot. Issue #2 will follow the same general idea, this time with 4 covers, devoted to the Misfits (presumably minus Jetta).

SOURCE Relatively important information reworded by OP.

Y'all, I am here for this, even without Raya, even if IDW's Transformer comics aren't that good. Even if, to me, Kimber looks really, really bad... and that's just Kimber... don't care.
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