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Is Hilton's partying too hard on Richie? ( AND MORE...)

Nicole Richie has reunited with her former best friend Paris Hilton — but some of her other friends are a tad worried about it.

They say that Richie — who has blamed her startling weight loss on nerves — is emotionally vulnerable these days, and not up to the sort of hard partying and manipulation that Hilton is famous for.

“Nicole is an insecure girl, and next to Paris she shines a little less,” a “pal” of the two told Life & Style Weekly. The two were clubbing at Los Angeles nightclub Area on Oct. 12, and Hilton left Richie alone much of the night to hobnob with her new sweetie, model James Neate, according to the mag.  


“[Richie] could hardly keep her eyes open. Her hair was a mess. She looked bedraggled,” a source told the mag, but when Hilton rejoined Richie, she pulled her buddy onto her lap and shouted, “I love this girl. She’s like my sister!”

Some are claiming that the “friendship” is a ploy to get better ratings for their reality show, “The Simple Life.”

One source told L&S: “Nicole really believes that Paris is welcoming her with open arms, but everyone knows Paris has a tendency to put herself first.”

Paris Hilton’s “friends” are getting spammed.

Several furious sources who are on the list of the heiress’ friends via her MySpace account say they received emails supposedly from Hilton telling them that they’d won an expense-paid trip to meet her. When the “friends” clicked on the e-mail, they were taken to another screen, telling them, “Hurry! Only twenty 
prizes left.”

They were then forwarded to a series of pop-up messages and questionnaires asking them to buy products and requesting them to supply personal information.

If the “friend” refuses to supply the info, the screen freezes, says one angry source. If however, the information is supplied, a message appears, saying, “Thank you for signing up for our offers, but all the prizes are gone. Your email is now on a spam list and you win nothing!”

“The survey takes forever to fill out!” fumes one source. “I sure hope Paris is treating her best-friend-again Nicole Richie better than her MySpace friends.”

But Hilton’s spokesman assures The Scoop that the heiress had nothing to do with the emails and that someone must have somehow gotten hold of her friends list.

Notes from all over

Expecting father Tobey Maguire asked his buddy Ben Affleck for parenting advice, according to Star, but the “Hollywoodland” star advised that said Maguire take notes while watching from his wife, Jennifer Garner. Affleck told Maguire to “watch, observe and imitate what his Jennifer does because his Jen has been leading him through the process by the nose since the day they brought [daughter] Violet home,” a “friend” told the tab.  . . . Don’t believe rumors that Alicia Keys was recently arrested. A Web site is claiming that cops carted away the R&B star after a “domestic dispute” — and is even carrying photos of what looks like Keys being arrested by a police officer, but Keys’ spokeswoman tell The Scoop that the pic is from a concert a couple of years ago and the man leading Keys along is her security guard.  . . . Boy George is not a Madonna fan. The two became famous around the same time, and while Madonna has been making headlines for her money-making tour and controversial adoption plans, George recently made headlines for collecting garbage during a community service stint. “I just think [Madonna’s] a vile, hideous, horrible human being with no redeeming qualities,” George sputtered in a documentary to broadcast in the UK. “There’s nothing nice about her. I’ve never heard anyone say anything nice about her at all. And anyone that’s ever met her she’s been vile to. Vile, full of herself — so unspiritual. How has this woman got away with it for so long?”---Excruciating footage of Liza Minelli and David Gest from their ill-fated reality show appeared on YouTube — but was quickly removed. Copyright laws were cited ... James Frey, author of the scandal-plagued memoir “A Million Little Pieces,” says he’s started work on his next book and may start posting sections of it on his Web site ... Matt Damon says that the person who gave him the best advice about Hollywood was Mickey Rourke. “He sat me down and said, ‘Don’t mouth off to people in Hollywood, like I did,’” Damon told Aussie magazine NW. Rourke continued: “You gotta be on time and disciplined. I [bleeping] blew it.”

SOURCE> The Scoop

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