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Amy Sedaris talks about The Heart She Holler, Strangers with Candy, and Colbert replacing Letterman


Bullet points:

  • There's going to be more romance on this season of Holler, especially with Hurshe and the Sherrif.

  • She enjoys working with Scott Adsit, who has taken over the role of Sherrif: "He has grounded my character a lot this season. Plus he's physically funny and he's funny in real life, and he's just a pleasure to be around and I just like the feelings that he brought to the sheriff character. I like the way Joe [Sikora] played the sheriff the first two seasons, but Scott is more about tender moments."

  • Doesn't think there's going to be any sequels or reboots for Strangers with Candy: "I think we've all kind of gone our own separate ways and we just couldn't do it without Paul and Stephen."

  • She's going to miss Letterman, and Colbert's character on the Colbert Report, but thinks Colbert will do a good job taking over the Late Show. "There's so much about Stephen that he hasn't even shown anybody yet."

Tags: late night talk show, stephen colbert / the colbert report, television

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