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Pete Doherty was facing a police investigation today after he was involved in a brawl with an Italian photographer outside his hotel.

The Babyshambles singer’s experience in Rome was anything but La Dolce Vita when he was left covered in blood.

Doherty, 27, jumped on the paparazzo and rained several punches on him before the pair were dragged apart.

The fight was said to have been witnessed by several girls who had been invited back to the band’s hotel following their gig at the city’s Piper Club.

One said Doherty’s head was "dripping with blood" and that band members had grabbed metal ashtrays to use as weapons in the brawl.

Police were not called and the singer was treated by fans and his band members while the photographer was said to have gone to hospital.

As Doherty flew home, it was said the photographer would file a complaint against him.

The concert itself had been marred by a spectator who threw a bottle at the Babyshambles’ drummer, prompting the band to walk off stage.

The crowd had been provoked when Doherty - who is fighting heroin addiction - threw his microphone stand into the crowd.

As the concert descended into chaos, he pushed over amplifiersand the drum kit before smashing another microphone stand on the stage.

After the gig Doherty leapt on a scooter and was driven off without a helmet — a breach of Italian law. He also jumped into a car and drove around before returning to the group's minibus.


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