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B99's Stephanie Beatriz talks about latina representation on tv

She talks about how different she is from Rosa: "My favorite place in the world is Disney World if that tells you anything... There is a dark side to everyone, so I am sort of turning up the volume with Rosa (...)".

Also the article praises her deadpan delivery (we all do lbr), reminding us all of the classic moment when we discovered Rosa likes "Something's Gotta Give".

Regarding representation of latinos in television:
"For me, growing up there weren't a lot of Latinos who I could look at and identify with, but when I think about it, for example, my cousins and nieces now have that. My cousin dressed up as Rosa for Halloween. I couldn't do that when I was a kid, find someone on television who looked like me who I could emulate and be proud to look like. (...) It's just an incredible time on television. In my life, yes being Latina is important to who I am, but it's definitely not something I talk about everyday. I love that our show, just makes it normal (when referring to ethnicity and homosexuality, etc.)."

I could not find a gif of Rosa smashing the window away so this post will be brought to you by

source: Latin Post
Tags: brooklyn nine-nine (nbc), latino celebrities

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