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Ninna Faye

Bill Cosby Steps Down From Temple University Trustee Board, Days After UMass Amherst Cuts Ties


Bill has been on the board of trustees since 1982. He's one of the biggest donors, with a scholarship in his name.

After talking with the Chair of the board, Patrick O'Connor, reports say that Bill decided on his own that it was best for him to step down.

Coincidentally enough O'Connor was the one who represented Bill in 2005 when a Temple University employee filed civil charges against him - accusing him of drugging and assaulting her in his Philly home.

Jill Scott gives Whoopi-level Devil's Advocacy for Bill on Twitter

Source and Jill's Twitter with the posts 1 and 2

As a former Temple grad who was involved with the Board of Trustees, it mildly surprises me that they let up this easily, considering the money flow. I love my university but I don't doubt that they pressured him into cutting ties to avoid a Penn State level of PR disaster.  And so so disappointed that Jill would put a fucking TV character before the women stepping up against him.
Tags: bill cosby, black celebrities, comedy / comedian, legal / lawsuit, scandal

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