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Agent Victoria Hand discusses new comedy series, her wife/family; is awesome

- (doesn't actually talk about S.H.I.E.L.D., sadly)
- is going to be in a new Amazon comedy series, "Mozart in the Jungle," with Malcolm McDowell and Gael Garcia Bernal
- got married last year to Ellen Show writer Alison Balian (and they have a bb)
- praises Ellen Page, Jodie Foster and Maria Bello for being open about their lives and discusses her own reasons for remaining largely private
- remains better than your other fluid-sexuality faves ♥ ("I really salute these young women who come out, but if I said I was gay that wouldn't be true. ... [W]hen I started to have relationships, I didn’t think about what I wasn't 'allowed' to feel, or who I wasn't allowed to love, and consequently I've loved some really incredible men and some really incredible women. There’s no coming out to do because I've always just followed my heart and I was lucky enough to have parents who didn't impose any bigotry on me. So to come out [as a lesbian] would actually be an untruth because the men I've loved were very vivid, real, loving relationships.")

full interview at the source
I assume most of the headlines will be like "LESBIAN ACTRESS COMES OUT AND IS IN LESBIAN MARRIAGE!!1", but I love her attitude and I'm hardcore in favor of more non-labeled/fluid visibility with celebs. It ain't all black-and-white, people.
Tags: actor / actress, british celebrities, interview, lgbtq / rights

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