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Because Everybody Loves A Little HSM...

'High School Musical' Concert Tour Set

LOL That's hot, for sure.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - "High School Musical" is hitting the road with a nationwide concert tour featuring stars of the hit TV movie that has grown into a pop-culture phenomenon.

Cast members including Monique Coleman and Lucas Grabeel will take part in the 40-city tour that is scheduled to begin Nov. 30 in San Diego.

"High School Musical: The Concert" expands the Disney Channel franchise that has already produced a triple-platinum selling soundtrack and a planned movie sequel.
The concert, to feature songs from the film, will also include cast members Corbin Bleu, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. Joining them will be Drew Seeley, who co-wrote "Get'cha Head in the Game" and sang on the "High School Musical" soundtrack.

Coleman is currently on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," which ends Nov. 15. Another star of the film, Zac Efron, is working on the movie version of the musical "Hairspray" and will miss the tour.

Kenny Ortega, the film's Emmy Award-winning director and choreographer, is the creative director for the concert, staged by Buena Vista Music Group, the recording and music publishing arm for The Walt Disney Co.

Bob Cavallo, chairman of Buena Vista Music Group, who noted the soundtrack is the year's top-selling album so far and is on track to finish at No. 1, offered his perspective on the appeal of "High School Musical."

"A full-scale musical, a burst-into-song musical, was made so that youngsters feel it was made for them. It was their subjects, their issues, their music," Cavallo said Monday. "It was well made, a story with heart."

Disney is already scoring a success with another concert based on a TV musical, "The Cheetah Girls," which is on a sold-out tour of at least 60 cities.

Tickets for "High School Musical" concerts go on sale Nov. 4, with one Canadian stop, in Toronto, planned. The schedule for the tour that concludes Jan. 28 in Las Vegas:
- San Diego, Nov. 11
- Glendale, Ariz., Dec. 3
- Sacramento, Calif., Dec. 5
- San Jose, Calif., Dec. 6
- Stockton, Calif., Dec. 7
- Bakersfield, Calif., Dec. 8
- Portland, Ore., Dec. 10
- Seattle, Dec. 11
- Salt Lake City, Dec. 13
- Bossier City. La., Dec. 16
- Dallas, Dec. 17
- Houston, Dec. 18
- Tampa, Fla., Dec. 20
- Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 21
- Columbia, S.C., Dec. 22
- Charlotte, N.C., Dec. 23
- Greensboro, N.C., Dec. 27
- Washington, D.C., Dec. 28
- Long Island, N.Y., Dec. 29
- Manchester, N.H., Dec. 30
- Toronto, Jan. 2
- Rochester, N.Y., Jan. 3
- Hartford, Conn., Jan. 4
- Pittsburgh, Jan. 6
- Albany, N.Y., Jan. 7
- East Rutherford, N.J., Jan. 8
- Worcester, Mass., Jan. 10
- Philadelphia, Jan. 11
- Cincinnati, Jan. 13
- Cleveland, Jan. 14
- Auburn Hills, Mich., Jan. 16
- Indianapolis, Jan. 17
- Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 18
- Chicago, Jan. 19
- Milwaukee, Jan. 21
- St. Louis, Jan. 22
- Kansas City, Mo., Jan. 23
- Anaheim, Calif., Jan. 26
- Fresno, Calif., Jan. 27
- Las Vegas, Jan. 28
On the Net (as of Nov. 4):

I have to admit... I kind of like this movie... And I love the soundtrack!

The link doesn't work either, btw... Not sure why, it was posted with the article.

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