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George Michael

George Michael panned for 'stupid and naive' drug comments 

Anti-drug and alcohol campaigners have branded George Michael "stupid and naive" for his recent comments promoting drug use.

The singer claimed this week that smoking cannabis kept him "sane and happy", and was filmed lighting a joint before an interview for TV arts programme The South Bank Show.

However, campaigners have condemned the Outside singer's relaxed attitude, and claim his behaviour could influence young people to start using the drug.

Paul Corry, of mental health charity Rethink, says, "His comments are stupid and naive. Cannabis is not a risk-free drug. For a significant minority of people it is a trigger for developing a severe long term mental illness like schizophrenia.

"Those most at risk are young people, the core of George Michael's audience, and people who use it over a long time and in large amounts.

William Butler, of drug and alcohol treatment charity Addiction, says, "We are concerned about the message this can send to young people.

"We need stronger and clearer messages about cannabis harm."

SOURCE: YAHOO NEWS http://uk.news.yahoo.com/22102006/364/george-michael-panned-stupid-naive-drug-comments.html
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