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Independent Artist Ron Pope explains that Spotify isn't to blame in streaming controversy

My summary: The article basically says  what has been repeated in the past: Spotify has no control over how much the artist makes in the end, that decision is made between the label and the individual artist. They give an example of how anti-Ari Dent stan Bette Midler received $114.11 for 4,175,149 plays on Pandora, but based on reports, 1 million spins would generate over $1,000 to rightsholders. Therefore, if she made ~$4,000, a huge chunk was taken out by the rights holders before she received her share. I suppose there is still debate to be had about the price per stream set by Spotify at being a fraction of a cent -- but I would assume that price point was decided based on internal revenue structures.

Source: Twitter
Tags: taylor swift
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