Should Zayn Malik quit 1D? AKA The Mirror does NEWS.

In the 1D verse recently, there's been a lot of drama around Zayn Malik, One Direction's resident non-mayo person. So obviously that great bastion of journalism that is The thinks its time for Zayn Malik to call it quits.

The reasons are listed here and detailed at the sources:
- Zayn Malik should leave 1D & the band would survive..
- Zayn Malik longs for quite life with 1/4th of Little Mix...
- 1D's tour boss quits after Zayn Malik's bust-up (?)

A lot of random body language analysis and the rise of Zayn the silent shadow Malik that haunts the bright star that is 1D. He clearly is too thin and fragile to perform any more. He needs to go be with his fiancee. He needs rehab, etc.
Is Zayn the albatross around 1D's neck?

Picture source.

Sources 1, 2, 3 all The obviously.

Have you ever been able to predict the end of something before, ONTD?

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