Shane (frankenshane) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

HBO's "Looking" Wrapped Filming on Friday - JGroff Loves SF & Behind The Scenes YouTube Vids!

To paraphrase Groff's interview with the SFist: he's well and truly fallen in love with the city (the food, the people, the sights) but realizes that such a judgement is clouded by not living there like he does in NYC and spending a lot of time filming, performed at Cleve Jones' 60th birthday party, and is really excited to have viewers jump back into the Patrick/Richie and Patrick/Kevin drama on January 11.

Source 1, 2, & 3.

OP Note: Raul is hella cute & thoughtful on his instagram and I'm not over it because it reminds me of flawless bae Jesse Williams. There's also a surprise guest that shows up near the end of the season!
Tags: australian celebrities, behind the scenes, black celebrities, jonathan groff, latino celebrities, lgbtq / rights, sexy, television - hbo

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