6 Songs from 2014 that didn't smash unfortunately

Half of your time you spend on ONTD is bitching about terrible songs on charts (other half is being thirsty as hell), so lemme make a short list remembering songs that no one else did.

Mariah Carey - Thirsty
Song from her last album that never got the chance

Indie artist released and underperformed but she did manage to make a cute video for G.U.Y. See you on DWTS soon </3

Number 56 smash @ Hawaii beach top 100 played songs for past 7 days, bitter queen Nicole - On The Rocks

True queen of pop and her only chance from Play Me Once album - Sexercise

Not the best song from the queen of hip hop, but it should smash only bcz 2006 = amazing. La Love

Another 2006 queen of appropriating, super kawaii Gwen and ha weak ass single/video Baby Don't Lie

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