Amanda Bynes (deathcrew77) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amanda Bynes

Scottish Bae (Calvin Harris) wants to inspire you and let you know he doesn't press buttons!

The man that could probably be the King Of Scotland with his great looks, sarcastic humored personality, being the only person in the world who had top ten hits from one studio album on the UK Singles Chart with nine hits, and who has the incredible talent of writing music, singing, playing instruments & producing music wants to let you know that he is not a button pusher!

Mid Friday afternoon, some basic London news Twitter account had tweeted the following:

Because Calvin is so passionate about being a flawfree musical genius, he responded with the following to the lessers of London Times (embedded for you to read from top down):

I'm sure Calvin probably looked like this writing those tweets.

Now lets all celebrate Calvins newest album MOTION by posting and discussing our favorite tracks. Which its seems that ONTD's favorite is "Pray To God".

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Image Source / YouTube
-Post written by me
Tags: calvin harris, european celebrities, music / musician (electronic)

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