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Charlie XcX's Britney class project + Dave Chappelle talks Brit in GQ + Azealia Banks' fave song

Charli Xcx talks about her Class Project

- toy dogs, justin bieber posters, decapitated barbies
- Spray painted Britney LIVES ON, performed Baby One More Time
- Bedroom covered in Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez posters
- Built a barbie house of horrors with animal heads instead of their normal heads.

Chappelle on famous women (like Britney Spears) being far more scrutinized than famous men

- Dave says women celebs have it worse when it comes to critics and the paparazzi
- Sites Britney Spears and how she was criticized as a young mother
- Contemplates the affect that might have on a mother but realizes if he or other male celebs parenting skills were criticized it wouldn't hold the same weight and it'd be much easier to brush off

Azealia Banks on her favorite Britney track. Her answer might surprise you

charlie xcx story
dave chappelle story
azealia banks story
Tags: azealia banks, britney spears, charli xcx, comedy / comedian

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