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*~~Housewives Megapost~~*

Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore Will Appear On the Next 'Celebrity Apprentice' + Official Photos

Following in the footsteps of housewives Nene Leakes, Teresa Giudice and Lisa Rinna, RHOA's Kenya Moore and RHOBH's Brandi Glanville are set to appear on season 14 of Celebrity Apprentice, airing this January. The other D-listers set to compete for a paycheck "charity" include:

Vivica A. Fox, Kevin Jonas, Ian Ziering, Geraldo Rivera, Shawn Johnson, Kate Gosselin, Jamie Anderson, Johnny Damon, Leeza Gibbons, Gilbert Gottfried, Lorenzo Lamas, Terrell Owens, and Keshia Knight Pulliam.

Lisa Rinna's Outburst at a Nightclub Was Over Harry Hamlin Cheating Allegations?

As viewers saw in the preview for the upcoming season of RHOBH, Kim says something that sets Lisa off, causing her to pull a classic Housewife wine-toss and secure her contract for the next season. According to Radar Online, the fight occurred when Lisa confronted Kim about falling off the wagon after a trip to Amsterdam. In retaliation, Kim brought up rumors that Lisa's husband Harry Hamlin is a dirty dog. This causes Lisa to lose her shit, screaming, “Don’t you ever go after my fucking husband!”

Let Me Tell You Something About My Fambly: Caroline Manzo Could Return to RHONJ Next Season

Looking to fill the gap left by Teresa's departure due to her upcoming imprisonment, Bravo is eyeing Caroline to return to the upcoming seventh season of RHONJ. According to Radar Online's source, “Bravo has always liked Caroline. They realize with Teresa gone they are going to have to do something to keep viewers intrigued, interested, and tuned in." Jacqueline and Kathy's recent cameos on the show also brought a ratings bump.

Either way, this will have no effect on her spin-off Manzo'd with Children, which "exceeded Bravo’s expectations ratings-wise”, according to the source. The tension and drama is likely to be high after Caroline revealed on WWHL that she didn't invite estranged sister Dina to her daughter Lauren's engagement party because she has "never attended one family function".

The Elusive Chanteuse Gia Giudice Defends "Circus" Cover MV

After showcasing her struggle vocals and and pre-pubescent flesh with her "group" 3KT, Teresa's daughter Gia spoke to Access Hollywood to respond to the criticism of their debut music video. "We obviously got our parent's approval. I personally don't think they were that bad," she told Access. Unsurprisingly, her parents were big fans of the video. "My parents think it's fun. Like, my mother was there every step of the way. When my dad saw it he was like, 'Nice Gia, nice.' (um, ewww) He's like the typical laidback [dad], so it's good. I just want to make them proud. That's all that matters."

Jacqueline Laurita Shades Danielle Staub on Instagram

As viewers of season 1 of RHONJ will remember, a major source of drama between the cast members was "The Book" written by the ex-husband of Danielle Staub, detailing her alleged forays into prostitution, drugs, and con artistry. Jacqueline recently took to Instagram to promote his newest book, even recommending her fans to "check it out!"

Nene is Getting Too Boring?

Obviously over it, Nene Leakes has apparently done nothing to earn her $1.5m check on this season's RHOA. “The bosses aren’t happy at all with NeNe, and think she held back during filming of RHOA,” sources tell Radar Online. “It’s obvious to fans that NeNe just doesn’t want to be on the show anymore. NeNe is so over the top and so sassy that when those things didn’t materialize all that often during filming, producers took notice.”

Leakes recently criticized her fellow cast members on GMA for their OTT behavior, stating “I don’t like when they come on and they’re doing so much. It really disturbs me because when we started with me and Kim [Zolciak] way back, we were just being ourselves, and new girls come on and they do so much just to be on camera for a few minutes.” This despite the fact that wig-pulling and foolery was what made her famous in the first place (and secured her contracts).

FellatioGate Continues + Phaedra's Divorce News

On last week's episode of RHOA, Apollo admitted that his allegations of Kenya seeing him in LA and trying to give him "fellatio" was all lies. Looking like the fool she is and continuing to distance herself from her soon-to-be-ex husband, Phaedra commented about how she felt about his confession in an interview with Bravo, stating "I was unmoved. Right now, I am completely focused on my children and keeping them, and myself for that matter, in a stable, healthy, and happy place. I am not paying attention to any of the chaos that is going on, because it’s not productive."

In an exclusive jailhouse interview with In Touch Weekly, Apollo denied that their marriage was in a bad place, stating, “Yes, we’ve had problems — especially over the last year — but we’ve gotten on terms now where I can call her and it’s cordial,” Apollo exclusively tells ‘In Touch,’ sharing that they speak frequently over the phone. “I’m hopeful that we can stick things out.” He also swears that she is considering letting the children visit: “There’s a plan to get them up here."

As for their divorce, Phaedra stated in an interview that "it was apparent [her] marriage was over," and reiterated multiple times that her primary focus is her two sons, Ayden (4) and Dylan (18mo). "My children’s health and happiness will always be center stage," she told Bravo.

Phaedra's rep tells In Touch that “The divorce is proceeding as planned. While Phaedra and the boys do speak with Apollo regularly, there have been absolutely no discussions about reconciling.” “Phaedra and Apollo both have attorneys that are quietly working on reaching a divorce agreement and settlement right now,” a source tells Radar Online.

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