Mr. Steal Your Girl (la_fours) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Mr. Steal Your Girl

One Million Moms vs Doc McStuffins?

So here's the skinny. Doc McStuffins is a kid's show on Disney Jr. about a little girl who practices medicine on her stuffed animals without a medical license. From what I hear it's as cute as a box full of kittens. So leave it to 16 moms and 1 stay at home dad to find something to complain about.

The issue? SWEARS! According to the former Claymates, the show aired a segment that included the cuss word "shitty". Yes. They actually believe that. Even though the character is starting to say "hideous" because it was an aliterative joke, and Snopes even took the time to explain, the group decided to kick up a stink anyway.

Here's the clip, listen for yourself.

OMM's statement at the source

On a scale from Top Model's beard weave to Jose Can-fake-co's finger "falling off" how pathetic is this?
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