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"Cooking Fast & Fresh With West" Episode 4 and even more Misha

In the most recent episode of Cooking Fast & Fresh With West we learn what to do with your Halloween candy overload!

Random Acts is a non-profit organization that is aiming to conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time. We’re dedicated to funding and inspiring acts of kindness around the world.

Look around; there are simple ways to demonstrate kindness on a daily basis. A stranger needs help carrying their groceries. A homebound neighbor could use some cheering up. These opportunities crop up every day and most of us are so busy that we miss them. All you have to do is pay attention and offer kindness whenever, wherever you can.

Currently they have sold over 3,800 shirts (their goal was 1,000). All profits go to Random Acts and the campaign ends at the end of the month

Jason and Misha's "12 Days of Christmas"

Richard Speight Jr. - Have A Holly Jolly Christmas
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What is this Christmas devilry?
Join Jason Manns, Misha Collins, Rob Benedict, and other surprise special guests at King King in Hollywood for a live performance of Jason’s new Christmas album (with vocals from SPN cast!) and a live interactive screening of Misha’s “Stonehenge Apocalypse”! There will be live music, the movie, a weird digital short hatched from Misha’s brain, a holiday costume contest (wear something holiday-themed that’s demented or wondrous), prizes, and likely, given Misha’s involvement, chaos.

How can I be a part of it?
Buy a ticket here attend the event in person or watch it livestreamed online — we’ll have a costume contest for the online viewers as well!

Make a difference
By tipping via Stageit during the show, you will support Random Acts which is turning 5 this December! 100% of the Stageit tips will go to Random Acts.

Because (1) December 5th will be boring otherwise, (2) you could win a cool prize, (3) you’ll get to hear Jason’s demonic angelic voice, (4) Misha may wear a questionable holiday costume for you, and (5) you’re supporting a GREAT cause

Source 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Snippets from Jared and Jensen's tracks were previously posted here in case anyone that was interested missed them.
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