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Greedy Jealous Beach Boy Mike Love is Writing Fallacy Infested Memoir

Mike Love Memoir, 'Good Vibration: My Life as a Beach Boy,' Due in 2016

In 2016 'Good Vibrations' is turning 50 and to celebrate cash in it Mike Love, everyone's obvious favorite Beach Boy will write a memoir about his life and years with the Beach Boys.

His memoir he will talk about:

  • Growing up with his cousins Brian, Dennis and Carl and having to deal with the horrible Uncle Murray.

  • Caring for Brian and his sanity like his brother Carl and Dennis but in fact he was on the label's side and pressured Brian to put out more hits.

  • Taking all the credit for 'Good Vibrations' even though all he did was add lyrics to Brian's composition.

  • Cheating on his wife but transendental meditation erased his douhebaggery.

  • Really liking Pet Sounds and how that was somehow his idea too even though it's been stated millions of times that Mike absolutely hated it aka 'stick to the formula'

  • Being forever jealous that Dennis was getting all the attention from the ladies because he was actually good looking unlike his greedy trollass.

  • Making Dennis look like he was a shit person for his association with Charles Manson and how he 'tried' to help Dennis out but really he didn't do shit.

  • Being jealous that Dennis' solo album 'Pafic Ocean Blue' was actually great as opposed to anything Mike has ever released.

  • Transcendental Meditation saved his life and how he was bffs with The Beatles therefore he went with them to visit the Maharishi.

  • Taking credit for The Beatles "Back in the USSR" because he recommended to Paul that he mention the Russian women during a part of the song.

  • Being a hypocrite for calling out the Beatles and their lawsuits during the 1988 Rock& Roll Hall of Fame Induction and years down the line, he's been suing Brian left and right.

  • Being bitter that Brian is being recognized worldwide for his contributions to music yet he hasn't won shit.

  • Writing 'Kokomo' even though he in fact didn't.

  • Having homes in Hawaii, Santa Barbara and Lake Tahoe.... gotta mention all of them all the time.

  • Being an asshole and kicking out Brian and Al Jardine from the Beach Boys after they did their 50yr anniversary tour because he wanted to keep the spotlight to himself in his county fair tours.

  • His boner for John Stamos and nobody Bruce Johnston.

ONTD what would you talk about in your memoir?
What is your favorite Beach Boys song?
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