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Morrissey storms off Warsaw stage

Fans of a one frustrated bitter man (yet much loved!) = Morrissey want their money back after the singer stormed off a Warsaw club stage just 25 minutes into the concert, after merely performing 6 songs (last one with his back to the audience).

Mozz got really angry after being heckled by a member of the crowd. Here is a statement from the event organiser Live Nation:
''One of the spectators standing close to the stage said some extremely offensive and chauvinistic things to the artist.''

Although most fans could not hear what was said, they sensed that something was awry when the singer turned his back on them for the entirety of what turned out to be the last song.

(I was there and here is what happened:
Morrissey said to the audience 'Do you mind if I tell you something!?' Everyone was like 'no!'
One person shouted 'just tell us' and possibly something about Old Trafford. At that point Morrissey said 'that's not very nice!", got pissed off, performed the next song with his back to the audience and walked off the stage.)

Merciful Live Nation has offered frustrated fans the opportunity to go to his concert in Krakow this Friday free of charge. (Krakow is almost 300 km from Warsaw and Mozza's concerts start ridiculously early - 7.30PM on the weekday)

There is no word on the refunds yet.

OK, I love this old diva but that was too much. Why punish 2000+ people for something some idiot said?

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