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Lily Allen post

Hmm, remember all that fuss about a possible feud between Peaches Geldof & Lily Allen and all that? I was just browsing her site and came across her blogs and I thought it was kind of interesting. It doesn't have the date on them though.

For the record , I did not spit at the lovely Peaches Geldof . I went to the V festival and some silly journo came up to me and said 'Hi lily , that peaches , over there , said you are a stupid cokehead . Why dont you go over and have a word with her?' . I've known Peaches for a while now , and doubt she would say such a thing , so I ignored this journalist ( I use term journalist loosely ! ) and went about my day .

Thank you for your time

By the way Peaches is a lovely , incredibly intelligent young lady , and I want you to know there is no issue there whatsoever .

And in another blog she says:

...and the press twist my shit and make me sound like a total cunt , maybe I am , I don't know anymore . For the record , my Peaches attack slur was said in a sarcastic tone , sarcasm is the lowest form of wit , I know , it also doesn't read very well and I shant be talking in a sarcastic tone for a while.

Also I thought some of you might find this interesting...

So , the sun has been shining and people have been enjoying themselves , some people however are twats , including myself .
On Friday , I recorded this show called Transmission T-mobile for channel 4 .......... You'd think that people in bands would be happy they don't have to sit in an office all day sweating( like Ron Atkinson at Notting Hill Carnival) in this blistering heat . Instead they can wake up late(ish) , put on yesterdays clothes , nip in to makeup then do their little singing and bit fuck off to get pissed .
Well you'd be wrong I joined , The Kooks , Dirty Pretty Things and Klaxons in performing for this show , I went to school with Luke from the Kooks I thought he was quite cool then. I was quite annoyed at how much of a bad man he thinks he is , there is no excuse for wearing broken straw hats and dark sunglasses( two storeys underground of Alexandra Palace) while strumming your guitar like you're treating everyone to an exclusive showcase for your next album, This is a dressing room and your not Jim fucking Morrison OK ! I don't want to hear your rendition of Waterloo Sunset 4 times in an afternoon .
Carl Barat is obviously convinced he is God or something ,though the other two guys ( who werent in the Libertines) seemed alright . Carl didn't make eye contact with anyone , not that I could see anyway ( and they have ORGANIC sliced bread on the rider ) . Klaxons were the only people who were likeable and there music is actually something to write home about , unlike the other two . Boys your regurgitated indie rock days are numbered so get over yourselves .
At one point I lost my handbag which I got earlier in the week , it's my favourite new toy and I was freaking out , it had my two phones ( don't ask ) my wallet all my make up and more embarrassingly a whole load of my own press clippings ( which I was planning on sending to my grandparents)I'd had a few beers and couldn't find it anywhere, I then got snappy with my TV plugger Helena, who was helping me look for it .For a minute I believed I was more important than I actually am, and took it out on someone who was trying to help , I am therefore just as bad as as Luke and Carl and behaved like a nob . My friends Seb and Ben joined me ( they came to see Klaxons ) , they told me to stop being Diana Ross and reminded me of the dick I was being , I was rude to them too . I am a twat , but I'm working on not being one.

I'm not really into the Kooks and all of them so I can't comment on that, but personally I think Lily's a lot more interesting and cool than a lot of the "musicians" out there right now. Plus I love her album art.
But I was a bit dissapointed when I read the credits, half the songs are written by her and about four other people. But I'm always bummed out when musicians seem to need a whole crusade of writers to help them get their songs together.

And since we're on the whole Lily Allen track, here's an article from the September GQ with her that I don't know if many people have seen...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I have to agree with her about the Madonna thing. I wish she'd just disappeared after the Music album, it was the last really good thing she did. And I love that Dolly Parton song.

GQ article scanned by me. FYI: Things not in italic are my comments.
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