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what you'll find behind the cut is the top 9 best paid celebs age 25 and under plus some truly lame comments made by me. so there's your warning...

Paris Hilton (you can never wear too much make-up)

Age: 25

Profession: Personality

Earnings: $7 million*

The celebutante has been raking in the big bucks--as she does the tabloid headlines. Grabbing press mentions for her famous feuds, flings and falling-outs, the Hilton heiress has attached her well-known name to nightclubs, a perfume and a relatively new videogame. And if that weren't enough for the "That's hot!" diva, the older Hilton sister has launched a singing and acting career to boot.

*(3.8M pounds, $7.9M Canadian, $9.4M Australian, 320.7M rupees, 5.6M euros)

LeBron James ($95 million contract with nike. yeah that's me)

Age: 21

Profession: Athlete

Earnings: $26 million*

Age is hardly a deterrent for the 6-foot-8 phenom, who made his first playoff appearance earlier this year. Leading his Cleveland Cavaliers to the playoffs for the team's first time in eight years, the newly re-signed Ohio native is earning superstardom on and off the court. His hefty endorsement deals include Nike, Coca-Cola, Bubbalicious and sports trading card firm Upper Deck.

*(14M pounds, $29.4M Canadian, $35M Australian, 1,191M rupees, 20.7M euros)

Scarlett Johansson (i'm pretty)

Age: 21

Profession: Actress

Earnings: $16 million*

The talented New York native won over audiences and directors alike with her recent slew of films, which include Scoop and The Black Dahlia. No surprise, the marketing opportunities followed suit. Among them, a two-year deal with L'Oréal and a
controversial Vanity Fair cover, where she posed in the nude with actress Keira Knightley and former designer Tom Ford.

*(8.6M pounds, $18.1M Canadian, $21.5M Australian, 732.9M rupees, 12.8M euros)

Adriana Lima (i'm still a virgin)

Age: 25

Profession: Model

Earnings: $4 million*

You may best recognize this Brazilian beauty with her wings, but the supermodel's résumé boasts more than a Victoria's Secret Angel. The leggy 25-year-old has inked two other heavy-hitting contracts--Maybelline and Telecom Itlaia Mobile--as well.

*(2.2M pounds, $4.5M Canadian, $5.4M Australian, 183.2M rupees, 3.2M euros)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (our fans are retarded)

Age: 20

Profession: Actresses

Earnings: $40 million*

All seems quiet on the acting front--the duo hasn't released a film since the 2004 box-office dud New York Minute--but the pint-size sisters are still bringing home the bacon, thanks to their retail empire, Dualstar. Earlier this year, the Olsen twins revealed their other passion--fashion--with print ads for designer Badgley Mischka.

*(21.6M pounds, $45.3M Canadian, $53.8M Australian, 1,832,3M rupees, 31.9M euros)

Nicole Richie (how did i make money? lol)

Age: 25

Profession: Personality

Earnings: $2 million*

The petite starlet has had no trouble making headlines, thanks to a high-profile feud, a drawn-out breakup and a shrinking waistline. Of course, Richie, daughter of pop crooner Lionel Richie, has other things--many of them lucrative--on her plate. Among them, a sponsorship deal with high-end shoemaker Jimmy Choo and a fifth season of E's The Simple Life with co-star and ex-best-pal Paris Hilton.

*(1.1M pounds, $2.3M Canadian, $2.7M Australian, 91.6M rupees, 1.6M euros) 

Maria Sharapova (i actually win tourneys unlike that other blond slut. you know the one.)

Age: 19

Profession: Athlete

Earnings: $19 million*

The U.S. Open champion is winning more than tournaments. Add to her slew of endorsement deals, which include Nike and Canon, a lifetime contract with racket maker Prince Sports. Now, tennis' "it" girl, who is also the world's best-compensated female athlete, has reason to "feel pretty."

*(10.2M pounds, $21.5M Canadian, $25.6M Australian, 870.3M rupees, 15.2M euros)

Michelle Wie (i'm prettier than scarjo)

Age: 17

Profession: Athlete

Earnings: $17 million*

Athletic prowess trumps age in the case of golf's Michelle Wie, a 17-year-old who would rather compete against the men than the women on tour. While the first year of her professional career was peppered with disappointments, Wie's impressive earnings--which are largely due to valuable endorsement deals with Nike, Sony and watchmaker Omega--should keep her smiling.

*(9.2M pounds, $19.2M Canadian, $22.9M Australian, 778.7M rupees, 13.6M euros)

Serena Williams (O_o)

Age: 25

Profession: Athlete

Earnings: $10 million*

Serena William's powerful game isn't the only thing grabbing press mentions--or big money. Instead, the famously flashy Williams sister, who has been struggling with injuries of late, has kept busy--and visible--with appearances on television, including a guest spot on NBC's ER. In addition to sponsorship deals with Nike and McDonald's, the tennis ace has a cosmetics line with Estée Lauder and a fashion line of her own.

*(5.4M pounds, $11.3M Canadian, $13.5M Australian, 458.1M rupees, 8M euros

this list is mad suspect. there are a lot of athletes under 26 making more money than half these people.

source: forbes

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