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Dr. Phil interviews Uncle Poodle + June's pedo fuck buddy gets booted from Facebook for being a pedo

Note: His interview doesn't start until about the 30 minute mark. The majority of the episode is about a woman who was arrested for felony child endangerment.

- Uncle Poodle says that June lied in her interview with Dr. Phil
- He drove June to meet Mark McDaniel (not knowing who he was) when they went looking at houses since June can't drive
- He found out who McDaniel was when they got home and he was instantly angry for bringing his niece around her
- He says the picture of June and McDaniel in bed was from a hotel. He recognizes the headboard since he was in the room
- He says he saw Alana curled in bed with June and McDaniel when they went to North Carolina
- June wanted to take Alana on a trip with just her and McDaniel but Uncle Poodle insisted that he and his husband come with to make sure Alana was safe

- June, McDaniel and Alana slept in one bed in the room and he slept in the other bed with his husband in the same room
- June left Alana with him and his husband and rented a second room so she could have sex with McDaniel, afterwards they talked about having sex in front of Alana
- He says that June was lovey dovey with McDaniel all weekend
- He doesn't care if June has sex with 100 sex offenders but he doesn't want them around Alana and Pumpkin
- He says that June has made Pumpkin lie for her
- He says TLC told her after she broke up with Sugar Bear to lay low and not be in the media and not to see anyone and she didn't listen. He thinks McDaniel was the straw that broke the camels back.
- He says he hasn't tried to get custody and wouldn't try to but if Alana was taken away from June he would offer his home so she didn't end up in the system
- He told CPS about everything on the trip and showed them the pictures
- He says June is not dating McDaniel, they're just fucking
- Dr. Phil had him take a polygraph test about everything he said on the show. He passed.

Post by TMZ.

Source: YouTube and TMZ's Facebook
Tags: facebook, honey boo boo, interview, reality show celebrity, scandal, television - morning / daytime

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