Billy Bragg accuses Taylor Swift of 'selling soul to Google'

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- In a Facebook post, songwriter and activist Billy Bragg has accused Taylor of 'corporate power play' after she pulled her music from Spotify

- Bragg said it was a “shame that Taylor Swift's principled stand against those who would give her music away for free has turned out to be nothing more than a corporate power play"

- Bragg claimed Swift had contradicted herself by after signing a deal with Google’s new streaming service Music Key.

- Bragg said “Google are going after Spotify and Taylor Swift has just chosen sides. That’s her prerogative as a savvy businesswoman – but please don’t try to sell this corporate power play to us as some sort of altruistic gesture in solidarity with struggling music makers”

- Bragg said "She should just be honest with her fans and say sorry ... I've sold my soul to Google”

- He added that “if Ms Swift was truly concerned about perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free, she should be removing her material from You Tube, not cosying up to it.”

- A spokesperson for Swift denied claims that she had entered into an arrangement with YouTube Music Key.

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