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Peter Pan Live Roundup: Video Promo + News About Changes, Native American Consultant & More

A video promo featuring footage from the upcoming Peter Pan Live! production has been posted by NBC. The promo showcases some of the sets, costumes and music from the show. And also some intense eye action from Alison Williams.

An interview with composer Amanda Green (daughter of Adolph Green, one of the lyricists for the original production) and Neil Meron, executive producer of the production, has revealed more information about the show--including the addition of brand new material, restored material from the earlier production, and altered content meant to address the offensive material in the original show.

The new material to the show includes several new songs, including an introductionary number for Captain Hook called "Vengeance," which was adapted from the song "Ambition" from Do-Rei Mi; a new ballad for Wendy about her love for Peter, called Only Pretend, which was adapted from I Know About Love, also from Do-Re-Mi; and a new duet (No more 'My Mysterious Lady'!) between Peter Pan and Captain Hook called A Wonderful World Without Peter, which was adapted from "Something's Always Happening on the River' from Say Darling.

Other new material includes several new music pieces for Mrs. Darling, including a reprise of Only Pretend. Meron told EW that the additional music for Mrs. Darling was included because of Kelli O'Hara's involvement with the show. "Truth of the matter is," Meron said, "[we have] one of the greatest talents in musical theater working today. we'd be fools not to take advantage of her great talent."

Some of the "new" material is actually old. When I Went Home is a song that was written for the original production and is a somber number sung by Peter, which tells the story of his past. "When the song was sung originally in the show," Meron told EW, "... there was a very quiet, subdued reaction to it, because it was kind of melancholy ... we felt that would work for our production ... we wanted to show a little bit of what on inside Peter."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Meron explained that the new material was included to 'flesh out the show,' add deeper layers to the characters, and make the music more plot-driven. Composer Amanda Green was brought on to compose new music for the show and adapt existing numbers. Green has a personal history of the show: her father, Adolph Green, was one of the lyrcists for the original production of Peter Pan. Green told EW that she remembered hearing her father singing "Captain Hook a hundred times," and that the show was part of the fabric of her life.

One of the most notable changes to the show is the revamp of "Ugg-a-Wugg," a number originally sung by Peter Pan, Tiger Lily, the Lost Boys, and Tiger Lily's Tribe. The producers of the show brought on Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate, a Chickasaw composer, as a Native American consultant for the show. Tate was consulted on changes that could be made to the number to remove the racist and offensive overtones. The changes include a title change--the song is now called Blood Brothers, which refers to a lyric from the original number--and the removal of "gibberish" that was meant to represent Native American language.

Peter Pan Live! is set to premiere on NBC on December 4th. The full Entertainment Weekly interview can be read here.

sources: video promo, full interview (text other than quotes is my own)


ONTD, have you ever had your hand cut off by Peter Pan?
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