HE. DOES. NOT. GET. IT. (beaute__exquise) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Jason Schwartzman... posing next to a camera.

Jason Schwartzman pretending to take a photo.

Yeah, not much going on here either.

Carmen always looks like she wants to fuck us.

Am I right?

I get the same vibe from Craig Furgeson.

Except he's not as certain.

There it is again.

Unforunately for Carmen, I like my men gay.

And confused.


Did you hear the news? Lindsay will be in Brett Ratner's next film!

Girl works hard for the money.

Speaking of artists screwing their way to the top...

One of the Kanes grinding on "Diddy" during the Today show.

Chris Klein seems like such a sex offender.

The type of guy that would slip you a forget me now
and have his way with you in his Uncle's shed.

Even Molly wants to get out of their conversation.

I wonder what Ginnifer sees in him.

She seems so sweet.

And she knows how to put herself together.

Unlike a certain Hilton.

Remember when Nicky could apply her make up properly
and wear full hair extentions?

And dress appropriately for any given event?

And pose?

Luckily there are two people who will always be stylish.

I once sat next to Richie Rich on a subway train.

He smelled amazing. Unfortunately I was too shy to say hi :(

Let's all avoid the fatty in the corner.

I wonder if those two ever screwed..

You know, before she became a woman.

Now that "Marie Antoinette" is in theatres, the couple formerly
known as "Schwunst" is no more. For the tens of us that care,
here is a small tribute highlighting their 6 month lovefest.

It all began at Cannes...

And then they began to booze around NY & LA.

All the while promoting their new film.

It was nice while it lasted.

Sources: gettyimages.com, wireimages.com & www.kirsten-dunst.org
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