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Madonna:Toys R Me

(She used to be so pretty)

Madonna has splashed out £15,000 on toys for her adopted son.

The 'Hung Up' singer treated 13-month-old David Banda to a child-sized electric car, a £5,000 rocking horse, giant cuddly toys and designer clothes.

She has also decorated his nursery with giant murals of tigers and lions and installed a surround-sound system.

A source told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper: "Madonna had great fun choosing baby David's toys and accessories, getting him all the latest, coolest gear. As well as a designer wardrobe, Madonna and Guy have laid his bed with cotton and cashmere sheets and a music system will pipe out classical music.

"Madonna's only stipulation was that there was no television in his room. As with her other two children, she doesn't want David growing up watching mundane rubbish."

News of Madonna's shopping spree shocked residents in the Malawian village where David was born. That amount of money could have paid for 10,000 chickens and 500 goats, or 10 mud huts.

David's father Yohane, who sent his son to an orphanage after his wife died, is hoping Madonna will rescue him from poverty.

Yohane, who earns 55p a day working on his onion crop, said: "In our Malawian culture, if you are wealthy and your relatives are poor, you assist in any way you can. I am not asking Madonna for anything, but when he is brought here and sees our poverty, he will certainly ask his mum to help." 

The larger question is, why didn't the help go directly to the families including Yohane so they didn't have to give away their precious children to foreign strangers?  Why do they have to wait for the baby David to grow up and "come back" to see the Malawian hardships-at the end of his natural fathers life?

Tickets to Madonna's recent 'Confessions' world tour cost up to £160 - the average Malawi villager earns £107 annually.  Just think what the money fom just the toys could have brought via modernization and medical supplies to the village. 



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