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Some info on the underrated, beautiful and talented RAZA JAFFREY

No he's not American, no he's not white, his name isn't Chris and no he's not starring in a Marvel movie but all you bitches still need to sit and take note. If any of you have been watching Elementary or Homeland you will have noticed this beautiful man and if you had any sense and good taste you would have sat your thirsty ass down and Googled him. If you don't watch either of these shows well no worries, I and the Evening Standard am here to help.

The Standard reports how Jaffrey is apparently not only in a relationship with but is now officially getting hitched to Sherlock's Irene Adler Lara Pulver (aka time to break out the cheap wine). Raza is quoted as saying:

“Lara is such a fantastic girl, she really is, and we… we... we are really excited about getting married this year,”[....]That’s partly why I am racing around, back in London. We are trying to sort out arrangements because we are getting married here in the UK at Christmas. We were getting married in the States but a lot of our friends and family are here.”

He was also asked about his character on Homeland, aka Aaser Khan:

“Khan doesn’t know as much about what’s going on in ISI as he gives the impression he does,” says Jaffrey darkly. “The new guard is Tasneem, played brilliantly by Nimrat Kaur, who is far more revolutionary in her outlook for Pakistan. Khan represents the English-educated, more northern European philosophy of the old guard, in young form. It’s another way of [the writers] saying how complicated Pakistan is. Khan is caught up [in internal politics] but he also has sympathies for Carrie and respects her as an officer.”

If you would like to read more of the interview, you can find it at this source.

Meanwhile the good sis Bustle has some pics that somewhat detail Raza's career so far:


Brody hew? Quinn hew?

I think at one point he was on this show called Smash?

Here he is being hot on Elementary along with Lucy Liu who is also being hot. Whatever man, I have my Shiraz

Are you guys shipping this?? BECAUSE I AM. #lolbyequinn

You can find more of these pics at Captions are by me. Fixed the sources mods... hope it's OK now... third time's the charm??
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