Cordelia Foxx (vehiclesshockme) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Cordelia Foxx

Mama June on Dr. Phil

- June claims she's only seen Mark McDaniel twice once on accident running into him in the mountains and once for Pumpkin
- McDaniel raised Pumpkin from when she was 2 months old to six years old and she thinks of him as her father
- June says he only showed up for ten to fifteen minutes while she was house hunting so she could give him diapers
- June claims the pictures of her and Mark in bed together are photoshopped and that TMZ would not give her a hi-res copy to investigate... Dr. Phil says that's bs
- June doesn't doubt that McDaniel molested Anna
- Thinks it's fine that Alana met Mark since she was there, he only said hi and Alana doesn't know what he did

- The police busted down June's front door when McDaniel was initially arrested and she didn't know what he was arrested for
- June claims that Anna never told her when the molestation happened she only heard second-hand from her own mother since Anna was living with her. Anna never said anything to June until she moved in two and a half years ago when the show started filming
- June thinks TLC cancelled the show more because the kids weren't into it anymore and not because of her relationship with McDaniel
- The state of Georgia made June sign a document saying that Alana and Pumpkin would not be around McDaniel
- The state of Georgia told June she can't talk about any pending investigation into her as a parent
- Since this scandal broke Sugar Bear has moved back in to be with Alana
- June is no longer in love with Sugar Bear because of all the times he's cheated on her
- June claims she didn't fail to protect Anna since she was at work when the abuse happened
- When Dr. Phil brings up that all the men she's been with have been in jail and two are sex offenders June replies with everyone has a past
- June says that child molesters can be rehabilitated
- June is on disability for being completely blind in her right eye and legally blind in her left eye
- Sugar Bear believes June when she says she's not seeing McDaniel
- Pumpkin says she's always with her mom and knows June isn't with McDaniel
- Pumpkin says she doesn't have a relationship with Anna
- Sugar Bear backs up Pumpkin saying she's been wanting to talk to McDaniel for ten years
- Pumpkin feels like everything that's been made public is her fault

Source: YouTube
Uncle Poodle will be on Dr. Phil tomorrow. He claims that June is lying and that June has not only had sex with McDaniel recently but her and McDaniel have talked about their sex life in front of Alana
Tags: family drama, honey boo boo, interview, reality show celebrity, scandal, television - morning / daytime

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