According to Spotify, Lana Del Rey is underrated in relation to streams-per-Facebook "Like"

  • Basically, Spotify divided musicians into 2 categories: "headphones" and "t-shirts."

  • "Headphones" are musicians who have a large amount of listens on Spotify, despite having lower number of Facebook "likes". In other words, they are musicians who people prefer to listen in private. Lana Del Rey takes the #1 spot in "headphones" category, followed by Avicii, Bruno Mars, B.o.B. and Wiz Khalifa.

  • "T-shirts" are musicians who have large number of Facebook "likes" but have relatively lower number of Spotify streams. LMFAO takes the #1 spot in the "t-shirts" category, along with Bon Jovi, Bob Marley, MGMT and 2Pac.

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So ONTD, are you a closeted Lana Del Rey fan?