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Kenny VS. Spenny

"Kenny vs. Spenny is the funniest show I've seen in years, and I laughed so hard I sharted."  -Johhny Knoxville

This is mainly for Candians, but I'm sure others have heard/seen this show as well.
And if you don't know, but would like to know, click here

About a week ago my school, University of Toronto, held an event with Kenny and Spenny. 

First off, the pictures are horrible quality because I forgot my camera and had to buy a disposable.

Kenny did the most of the talking (which basically consisted of making fun of Spenny), while Spenny complained, as usual.

And if you ever wondered if their fighting on the show is exaggerated, it is not. Believe me. Kenny said that Spencer has even bought an alternate apartment that he goes to when they aren't shooting, since he can't deal with Kenny anymore.

Kenny used to write for South Park.  To his credit, "Jew Gold".

Kenny was fucking highlarious.  Spenny got a few good laughs too.

Kenny Hotz, I love you.

At this event, we also got to see the first episode from their upcoming season (which premiered Thursday), titled "First to laugh loses".  Other upcoming challenges for this season include: 
Who do gay guys like more?
Who can lift more weight with their genitals?
Who is the better homeless?
Thursdays @ 9:30 on Showcase.

I also hear that other contries have now made spin-offs,  with one country even using guys with the same names.

A few more (horrible quality) pictures.

And two of my favourite episodes!

Who can stay blindfolded the longest?
Kenny, of course, cheats in this one and take off his blindfold so that he can torture Spenny.  He then sets up a decoy blindfold for Spenny to find, making him think Kenny has taken his off.  Spenny in turn takes his blindfold off to confront Kenny, only to find Kenny sitting there with his on, thus resulting in a loss for Spenny. 
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Who can drink more beer?
First to puke loses.  Again, Kenny cheats, and pukes in front of Spenny while he is passed out.  Spenny wakes up and thinks it is his own vomit and therefore loses.  The humiliation?  Spenny must eat Kenny's (yet what he thinks to be his own) vomit.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Sources: Me, YouTube, Wiki

Why I put time into a post that only 3 people will read, I do not know.


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