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Resident bae and boyfriend of your dreams Robbie Rogers talks about life, soccer and his memoir


Rogers is thankful that although he too is a high-profile LGBT athlete he hasn't endured the same constant spotlight as Michael Samn which has allowed him to keep a stronger and undiluted focus on soccer.

"I like quietly being part of the Galaxy and being just one of the guys,"
"I realize there is a role I play in the LGBT community and being a role model – especially with our youth – which I enjoy as well. But I very much enjoy playing soccer."

He also talked about his new memoir (in stores 25th of November) and what you can expect from it:

"We got to tell the story we wanted to tell. You find out a lot more – there are chapters that Greg (boyfriend) won’t read. You’ll find out about my time in London and coming out and being back in the locker room as an openly gay soccer player. It was very therapeutic for me to write it and to go through all those emotions again and hopefully it will help people."

Quotes taken from: http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/gay-soccer-player-robbie-rogers-talks-gsn-about-his-new-memoir-and-new-playing-contract15111#sthash.2OMOTZ8I.dpuf, rest from me
Tags: lgbtq / rights, sports / athletes - soccer / football

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