Britney reveals fav Starbucks drink, short Vine Q&A

- She's definitely a nightowl
- Her favorite ride at Disneyland is Space Mountain
- The last song she listened to was Shake It Off
- Her favorite thing about being a mother is understanding unconditional love
- Her favorite drink at Starbucks is Hibiscus Berry Tea
- You will NOT be seeing Brit skateboarding any time soon.
- She keeps "all mysterious things a woman keeps" in her purse.
- She's never had a pet cat
- She wants a Maserati from Santa this year.
- If there was a movie made of her life, the only person she'd want to play her life would be her
- somewhat insults her dad and says, "My favorite thing that my dad cooks is .... well I really like everything my mom cooks"

see all the vines at: twitter, vine - she did not mention anything about new music or POM

source: i-luh-ya-britney-jean