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ONTD Original: 5 Best Black Sitcoms of The 90s

ONTD Original: 5 Best Black Sitcoms of The 90s
The only all-black TV show on right now is Anthony Andersons wack ass Black-ish show on ABC
15 years ago black people were flourishing on TV with hella shows to choose from.

Shoutout to Sister/Sister and them but Lisa aside, that show was corny as fuck.

These are the Best Black Sitcoms of the 90s (In Order)

Let us review

5 Steve Harvey Show

This show was good because although Steve Harvey now is corny and problematic as fuck, he was more toned down and simpler. He was a music teacher in Chicago or Detroit or one of them not NYC/LA cities. Regina, the principal was gorgeous, succesful and flawed! Still one of the best black female characters of all time.
The show was pretty simple, really funny, underrated & had a good run

4 Fresh Prince
The first couple of seasons were amazing, if not for Geoffery & Hilary alone.
Will Smith is a hamball but whatever thats what he's known for and Ashley was annoying.
When Aunt Viv went from black to white this show went down the tube like, how ya didnt think no one was gonna see that?
I lowkey don't really fuck with this show but the #ffffff's love it

3 The Wayans Bros
The first 2 seasons of this show blew but when they added the amazing and gorgeous Anna Maria Hosford(Dee) the show got better ten-fold
Almost every character in the show was necessary
The show was very self-aware which was rare for black sitcoms in the 90s

2 Living Single
NBC & Friends did the show wrong, them whites ripped the whole plot for this show smh tbh
It was a good sitcome because it depicted black people as multi-dimensional
Maxine Shaw is one of the best black characters of all time tbh
anyway, how'd Friends copy this show?
Khadija - Monica
Regine - Rachel
Synclair - Phoebe
Chandler - Kyle
David Swimmer - Overton
mess tbh

1 Martin
Martin is the best modern black sitcom hands down. You can watch the same episode over and over and still laugh tbh, Every character was needed and necessary. Every character was funny. Martin did Shenene, Roscoe, Jerome, Mama Payne, Otis, Bob, Dragonfly Jones & alot more. If you're black and never watched this show, shame on thine, if youre white and want some cool points, watch, now

** and before ya come in with yall
different world/smart guy/sister sister/hangin with mr cooper and all them shows are horrible shows miss me with the fox family shit tbh


ONTD, What's your favorite 90's Sitcom?

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