Vivienne Westwood says if you're too poor to buy organic food you should just "Eat less!"

Yesterday at an anti-GMO rally, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood suggested that the solution for people who cannot afford to buy organic food is simply to "eat less."

She said, "You've got all these processed foods, which is the main reason that people are getting fat. They're not actually good for you - they don't give you strength, they give you weight. I eat vegetables and fruit. I don't eat meat; I believe meat is bad for me… But if there was a movement to produce more organic food and less of the horrible food, then organic food would obviously be a good-value price, wouldn't it? We need to change to a green economy and a green world and that is easy to do. The alternative is hell."

After a reporter from BBC Radio pointed out to Vivienne that not everyone can afford these types of food, she responded by saying, "Eat less!"


Where do you stand on the GMO issue?