Simmer Down, The Goddess of Pop Has Spoken

After leaving everyone in the dark for more than we should have been, Rihanna has FINALLY spoken up about her upcoming album. She won't say when she plans to release it, but she did say she was pretty ecstatic about it.

"I can't give you any hints of when it will drop. It's going to be great, that's all I'm going to tell you and I'm excited about it,"
said the goddess at a meet-and-greet with fans today at the Fort Belvoir base in Virginia.

She also said when it comes to her music, she is a perfectionist.

"I try to battle myself and outdo everything I've done and that's been the hardest thing to do. You start overthinking things at times," she said.

Dodging questions about a specific release date the singer stated, "I can't wait for everybody to hear (the music) little by little. ... little by little. I can't wait." AKA "This is what you all get for saying you were sick of my music a few years ago!"

She also talked about her new men's fragrance, "Rogue Man,". But no1curr we need the album.

"I feel like what better way to get these people excited than to get them something nice, to smell good. They're running around all day working hard. And, you know, the guys are sexy. They need to smell sexy." She also joked about not having a "rogue man" of her own, saying with a wink, "hopefully I'll find one here today on the base." << she's lying

Rihanna performed at the Concert For Valor: Saluting America's Veterans last night in D.C.

ONTD, what do you hope her new album sounds like?