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JOY TO THE WORLD: JLaw's upcoming movie and its troubled pre-production #oop

The Hollywood Reporter has done some Hollywood reporting on the latest going ons of Jennifer Lawrence's new collaboration with David O. Russell, Joy as well as some of her other upcoming movies.

Here's some cliffnotes y'all:

- Deal almost fell apart because JLaw wanted a bigger portion of the backend than Fox 2000 was willing to pay - they are still in negotations but a deal is expected to close soon. Get money JLaw! Don't let these greedy studio fucks steal yo cash!!! #feminist
- Leonardo DiCaprio was in talks to star as the male lead. David O. Russell beefed up the part for him but it looks like that fell through?
- DOR also beefed up the part of a QVC executive for Bradley Cooper
- Filming was meant to start January but has been pushed to February due to the salary negotations
- When other studios heard about the rocky negotiations they all pounced, but she's remaining loyal to Joy
- X-Men Apocalpyse: starts production in April and will be cashing in on JLaw and Fassy's star power by centring it around Mystique and Magneto's relationship
- Cameo in Dumb and Dumber 2 is now on the cutting room floor - supposedly at her request

Read all bout it here
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