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Agency of tryhard Kpop rapper 'apologizes' for usage of f****t in song

previous ONTD post about the video

Seven Seasons, the agency of Kpop group Block B issues a bullshit statement regarding the group leader, Zico's word choice in his new song, Tough Cookie. In the song, he raps, "Because you′re lacking in skills, all rappers these days have snapbacks. Fetish, You′re such a f****t b***h."

- The use of the word f****t has been raising much controversy, regarding its meaning. The f****t does have the definition of being a bundle of sticks or a ball of chopped meat, but the word also carries a very offensive and insulting meaning towards homosexuals.

- "The word f****t was not used to with the intent to belittle homosexuals. The lyrics were just used for musicality purposes and for a musical narrative. If we had known exactly that this word carried an offensive meaning towards homosexuals, we would have strictly censored it."

-"Just as Zico himself freely does music, he does not have any prejudice or negative intentions against anything regarding homosexuality and respects sexual minorities," stated the agency. "We want to once again state that we had no intention of using the word f****t to insult homosexuals. We send our deepest apologies to everyone who felt offended by this."

(unsurprisingly, they didn't mention the jacket with Confederate flag that he wore in the MV)

Zico's previous offences includes repeated usage of n-word in songs; outing and making fun of his fellow group member who had a crush on him on screen; and basically, being born.

Tags: asian celebrities, race / racism

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