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Red Band Society’ actress Ciara Bravo talks ‘love triangle & Emma’s Anorexia


Wendsays episode of "Red Band Society" Emma made the decision to follow her heart and get back together with Leo (Charlie Rowe), despite being scared by her strong feelings for him.

Meanwhile, Jordi (Nolan Sotillo) is left out in the cold, after deciding go at it with Leo for Emma's affections.

Ciara Bravo says she believes that fans, “Are going to be pleased with the outcome,” of the triangle.

Bravo also reveals that we’ll delve deeper into her character’s eating disorder as the episodes go on.

She says, “We get to see her kind of break down and how this disease, how anorexia is really affecting her emotionally, physically, and mentally. So, I’m very excited for everyone to see that.”

Emma as a character has been on the back burner so we haven’t seen her physically suffer the consequences of starving herself. Now that the love triangle is  resolved, the show can hopefully give her a more advanced storyline.



Her character is annoying the hell out of me. I really hope they start to make it more relastic soon shows prob gonna get canceled though.
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