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Katie Holmes Promoting Miss Meadows!

On Good Morning America (November 10)

Video won't embed, click the photo to view.


  • A peak at a 'Miss Meadows' short clip

  • On the character: I really loved Miss Meadows. To me, she's an original character, and I feel like she's like a little girl, but then she's, you know, very tough at the same time.

  • On the film's tone and dark comedy: That juxtaposition I found to be unique. I think that she's a woman who holds on to sayings and mannerisms and she's a bit old fashioned, but she's also very clear on what is right and wrong, and she really believes in what she's doing - her vigilante work that is. It was an opportunity to play with a different kind of a tone in a movie and do a little bit of comedy, so I had a really great time making it.

  • Remains a humble angel and shines light over the crew after her performance was praised

  • Talks about being the first global ambassador for Olay

  • Talks about reprising her role as Jackie

  • On her directorial debut: “I’m excited, I’m going to direct my first movie. I found this book and optioned it and I have a writer writing it for me. I’m excited! It should be a huge challenge... but worth it.”

Arriving at the Ed Sullivan Theatre for her appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman (November 10)

At the 2014 Film Benefit (November 10)

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