The Iron Wicket (violue) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
The Iron Wicket

Supernatural Post

Well if I had any article writing ability I'd be coming up with some sort of summary to explain that this is a series of articles posted today in celebration of tonight's 200th episode of Supernatural. Unfortunately, I don't have any article writing ability, so instead I have these two sentences and a list of links. Sorry.

Article 1: 'Supernatural': 10 Cast Members Pick Their Favorite Episodes @ <--- Carver picking an episode he later retconned the shit out of makes me want to punch him in the dick tbh.

Article 2: 10 Reasons It's Still Worth Watching 'Supernatural' After 200 Episodes @ HuffPo <--- Spoiler: Most of the reasons are the cast.

Article 3: The 11 Most Bromantic Moments From ‘Supernatural’ @ MTV <--- This looks like it came from Buzzfeed.

Article 4: ‘Supernatural’ at 200: The Road So Far, An Oral History @ Variety <--- This is very long, but interesting if you're a Supernatural fan.

Article 5: Why Didn't Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki "Have a Positive Reaction" to Supernatural's 200th Episode? @ EOnline <--- Apparently Jensen's been waiting for the whole fan fiction thing to "go away". lol good luck, broseph
Tags: supernatural (cw)

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