Queen Mai (wearescientists) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Queen Mai

Desperate Anarbor founder plagiarizes MGMT's bassline for new song

For the two members here that still listen to Anarbor or keep up with bands that sound a lot like FBR's 2006 era of music, ex-member and founder of Anarbor, Slade Echeverria, seems to be so desperate to stay in the music scene that he plagarized the bassline from MGMT's 2007 hit, 'Electric Feel,' for his new band's (shittily named WLFPCK) song 'Vibrations'. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself.

Is it below this hot peice of Spanish ass that is beating a dead horse by trying to remain relevant or should he pack up his bass and get a job at Starbucks, advertising bass lessons on Craigslist to make extra cash on the weekends?

added my own comments, but the speculation came from this ap.net post.
video 1 & 2
Tags: music / musician (alternative and indie), you in danger

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