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Red WHO? LMFAO singer defends misogynistic new song

Artiste, abuser of acronyms and oppressed male Redfoo of the former "music" "group" LMFAO has used social media to hit back at claims that his new "song" 'Literally I Can't' is misogynistic. The music video features himself, "rapper" Lil Jon and somebody named Enertia McFly in the Play-N-Skillz "bop" yelling 'shut the fuck up' at a group of women for rejecting their advances at a party.

Redfoo has bravely defended himself on Twitter, stating that he has been 'victimized' and his lyrics have been 'misinterpreted' to support an 'agenda.' Most importantly, he states that he is an 'artist.' Indeed, hearing these talented crooners yell and wear jackets that say 'STFU' for four minutes is reminiscent of John Lennon's 'Imagine,' or an abstract Picasso.

He says that he 'loves' and 'respects' women. 'The feeling is not mutual,' women replied. He also commented that the song is a clever 'satire,' and that 'some people don't get it,' his music reserved for only the most elite of the intelligentsia.

Watch (or don't) the offending video below. And definitely be sure to check out the enlightening YouTube comments.

source 1 and 2 and 3 reworded by me
Tags: lmfao (musician), sexism

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