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JoJo's Halloween Adventure

The scariest holiday of the year is right around the corner and Abracadabra, a costume and prop shop in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, is bustling. Downstairs in the basement, a giant yellow chicken pops out of the dressing room. It's the kind of elaborate getup that you might see on someone handing out fliers in front of a fast food restaurant, but behind the beak isn't some out of work actor trying to make ends meet -- it's JoJo! The platinum-selling singer and star of the movies Aquamarine and R.V. is in town promoting her new album, The High Road, and she accepted an invitation to go costume shopping with "I still love Halloween," she says between racks of wizard robes, angel wings and pimp suits. "I'm almost 16 and I still dress up. I don't think I'm ever going to stop dressing up."

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Halloween came early for JoJo. It's a family tradition to get together a couple weeks before October 31 and dress up. This year's ensemble of choice? A bumblebee costume, which she wore as she celebrated with her family at a haunted inn in her home state of Massachusetts. (Click here to listen to JoJo's real-life ghost story from that trip. Scary!). When JoJo isn't donning costumes, she's selling albums -- millions of them -- or making movies. After appearing on America's Most Talented Kid in 2003, JoJo signed a record deal at age 12 and burst onto the music scene the following year with a self-titled debut that featured the smash hit "Leave (Get Out)." After taking time off to film 2006's Aquamarine with Emma Roberts and Sara Paxton and this summer's R.V. with Robin Williams, she returned to the studio to work on her follow up. The first single, "Too Little Too Late," which hit #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, is about ending a relationship -- something that JoJo can relate to now that her year-long relationship with 17-year-old soccer prodigy Freddy Adu is over.

"I'm single right now and it's good," she says. "I'm so young. I'm going to be 16 in December and I'm just so busy. It's hard if you also want to date someone who has a [high-profile] profession; we were just both consumed with our own world."

For now, her world is promoting The High Road, which is packed with potential hits. The CD kicks off with a club banger called "This Time," which she worked on with Scott Storch (Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Chris Brown). "It was intimidating," JoJo says of her first time meeting the superstar producer, a former boyfriend of Lil' Kim's who's well known for his clubbing escapades with Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis. "We went to his place in Miami. He drove up in a Lamborghini every day and had on all his bling on and sunglasses at night. I was a little bit nervous, even though I'm not a new artist anymore. But he put me at ease right away."

As the disc progresses, JoJo settles into a mellow vibe with "Anything" (which samples '80s band Toto's "Africa") and the lovely and sad "Like That." "The song that stands out for me is 'How To Touch a Girl,' which is not the way that the title sounds," JoJo says. "It's a song about how to touch a young lady's heart. I think that a lot of young men don't know what to do. Maybe they want to do the right thing, but they just don't know how to go about it."

What else does a 15-year-old celebrity have to worry about other than music, movies and boys? School. For JoJo, like many young celebrities, going to class means finding down time when she's not doing an interview or photo shoot and studying with a tutor. "It is hard doing school. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't, but I take it seriously," JoJo says. "It's been hard to fit it in because I've been waking up very early and having late nights but I try to fit in some reading here and there. It is hard but I get As and work hard at it."

Hitting the books isn't the only way in which she's a good girl. When the policewoman's uniform she requested at Abracadabra had an ultra-skimpy skirt, the demure star passed on trying it on. The situation was somewhat reminiscent of the title of her album. "With teenagers there's a lot of temptation, things that you're experiencing for the first time, that you're confused about," JoJo says. "If you take the high road, which I’m trying to do also, it's very fulfilling."

Source - Teen People
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