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Perfume Genius's Tacoma Sadcore

  • What do you see when you look out at the audience?

    I don’t really look out that much, just because I get anxious and I want the least amount of things that make me self-conscious. At a good show, people are usually just very sweet. They just smile and are supportive. And I like seeing gamers in dresses…it’s just very sweet to me. You see a lot of couples. This tour’s a lot different, though. People know what to do. They know when the song’s over and to clap and stuff. Before, when I was playing a string of really quiet songs, people would be like, “Should we clap?”

  • What do you think about masc/femme among gay men?

    I think it’s ridiculous. Usually, like, anyone that would adopt, like, “masc,” period, to describe them—it’s a very phony, stereotypical masculinity. It’s essentially just them except with, like, a backwards hat, right? And compression socks or something?

  • When you have to explain what your music is like to an elderly relative, for instance, what do you say?

    I’m not very good at it; I usually say sad. Sad, like, singer/songwriter—I feel like they’ll know what that is. Weird. I say weird a lot.

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